I ALWAYS put PRAISE 106.5 on when I'm driving. It makes me feel like a band of angels surrounds my car (which is necessary because I just got my license not too long ago!). Your music selection is encouraging, thought-provoking, enlivening and just plain fun! Thanks so much for driving with me to work every time!!
-Sylvia VanBlokland Young


Jim and Lynette, you guys are the BEST!! Thank you so much for the uplifting words every morning. You bless my drive to work and when I can listen at work...I am happier. :)
-Shannon Meadows Johnson


My wife and I live in Kamloops now but 4 years ago right after getting married we moved to Abbotsford for one year. While living in Abbotsford we always listened to PRAISE 106.5 while traveling in our vehicle and we were constantly uplifted and blessed by your programming. My wife and I found out earlier this week that our 3 month old has severe hemophilia. Although it is all new to us and we still don't know for sure how all this will affect our family we know for sure that he will have many struggles through his life. Our strong faith has allowed us to be at peace with the whole situation even we don't really understand it. Well we drove from Kamloops to Vancouver today to visit BC Children's Hospital and were significantly by God through the blessings of our programming!

On our drive down to Vancouver today we hit Abbotsford and turned on PRAISE 106.5 as we always do and the first song to come on was a song I had never heard by Kutless called Even If. Then as the tears ran down my face the next song was Already There by Casting Crowns. What a blessing this was for us. Thank you God for the peace you give us in knowing that even when we don't always understand, we know you have a plan and are in control! Thank you for your ministry and the positive impact it has always had on us and I know thousands of others too!


My daughter Linda listens to you every morning and loves your program. Since she is in a wheelchair, I think she is lucky to have such a great station to listen to. 


I am writing to you from the south shore of Nova Scotia. I just discovered your amazing station yesterday and now play it on my desktop at work. It inspires and uplifts me in an environment that does not encourage praise or even declaration of being Christian. Thank you!


I just wanted to let you know that I love your radio station! Every morning, I can't wait to get into my car and turn the music on (and the Jim and Lynette show is a great way to start my day). Being a Christian, the music speaks to my soul.  


Just want to thank you for being a light in this dark world that we live in. Your station is such a blessing to me and my family and to many who are hearing your broadcast.


This is the only radio station that I listen to. It encourages me to  have a more pleasing attitude for the Lord. This station make me praise Him all the time. I praise God for this station. Thank you much.


I am writing to you first of all to share that I love your station and play it at work. I manage a gift shop for my mother and most of our customers comment on the radio station because they enjoy the music. It makes them feel great to shop in our store or they are listening to the same station in their vehicles.  


I want to that you for bringing us all together everyday to worship our God….PRAISE 106.5 oozes God’s plans.


Dear all at PRAISE 106.5! Just want to share with you how happy and encouraged you make me feel. 3 years ago I bought an internet radio. One of the first things I did was search for a radio station that sends good Christian music and very soon I tuned in to PRAISE 106.5. Since then me and my family listen to PRAISE 106.5 every day we’re home. You’re there when we wake up, when we get home from work and school and when we go to bed. You, and the music you send is such a blessing! Thanks to you our tween kids now prefer to listen to good Christian artists instead of lots of rubbish that is promoted elsewhere. Keep up the good work!